Una pura y dos con sal.

Un montaje de Formación Actoral Al Trote para la temporada de feria 2014.

La idea de la ropa tendida fue del elenco, y me agradó. Al agregar a “Rosa”, quise lograr un estilo que me recordara las ilustraciones de los libros de texto de primaria en México durante los 80s (yo estudié la primaria de 1986 a 1991).

Estoy muy contento con el look de Rosa. Me gustó el resultado final.
Marvel Comics: Steve Rogers and Jack Power.

This picture is dedicated to my friend Nikki, because her birthday is just around the corner. She is one of the organizers of Anime Boston, one of the largest Anime conventions in the USA. She is very professional and passionate about her work, and it certainly shows year after year. She also loves Marvel Comics’ Power Pack, a member of which is portrayed in this pic.

Now, I know Anime Boston is an Anime-only convention, but I bet they would not turn down Steve Rogers if he wanted a spot someday.

Obra de teatro musical. La historia de Marcelino Pan y Vino.

Con esta imagen mi intención era hacer algo como portada de libro de ilustraciones para niños. En mi mente lo veo como un libro cuadrado, con pastas gruesas, como de cartón, y las páginas del mismo material.

Por eso elegí esos colores y el estilo sin líneas. Aun si es un póster para una obra de teatro, quise respetar a idea de portada de libro, para que fuera algo diferente.
DC Comics: Granny Goodness.

I did not always know a lot about the New Gods. When I was a kid, I mostly knew about Darkseid and a few others from Apokolips. The New Genesis gods would have to wait a few years (except for Scott Free and Big Barda, of course). While Darkseid was my favorite, Granny Goodness was up there, too. She is a very interesting character.

I was surprised when I could not find any pictures of her based on “Chocolate Abuelita”. When I did, I knew I had to do something to change that.
Marvel Comics: Big Hero 6.

I did not read the first adventures of Big Hero 6, but I was lucky enough to get the more recent miniseries (the one that introduced Fred and Wasabi-no-Ginger) when it came out.

It was not something completely Western or completely Japanese, but it was a good first attempt of sorts. And David Nakayama’s designs work really well for the team.

I know the movie has enough changes to make their BH6 an entirely different version (even for alternate universes), but I hope they keep at least some of the design choices Mr. Nakayama made.

Marvel Comics: Refrax.

I grew up with Generation X. I was 14 when the first issue came out (and when most of the kids first appeared during the Phalanx Covenant). I have most of their comic books, just missing the ashcan, the first of the Gen 13 crossovers and the issue with Toad (during Onslaught). But it was only recently (last year, I think) when I saw the old Generation X movie. It was somewhat good for the budget they must have had (or did not have). Even if people think it was bad, it still could have been a good series, getting better over time.

But it was not to be. That was all we got of TV Gen X. The comic book kids went on with their lives in print, but TV exclusives as Buff and Refrax were taken away from us, never to be seen again. This picture is a tribute to Refrax, the Generation X hero who left us before his time…

Reblogging this illustration from my other blog.
Marvel Comics: Sunspot.

Roberto has always been fun to read. He likes to see himself as a great hero, but he does not have any idea of the real sacrifices and selflessness that a hero should possess.
Dragon Quest - Young Yangus and the Mysterious Dungeon: Yangus.

This is the ninth entry to the Dragon Quest monster master collection. I am getting closer to finishing it successfully (if one year later than planned). This is Yangus, the thief from Dragon Quest VIII, but as a kid.