1. Dragon Quest II: Prince of Sumaltria.

    This is an old drawing of the Prince of Sumaltria I created for a contest at the Dragon’s Den. Only the two panels had been colored then, and it took me two years to color the rest of the poster (that is, the small monster around the logo).

  2. Marvel Comics: Jack Power.

    I drew this Jack Power pic using a marker (I was going for speed). Still, I liked the results. It kind of reminds me of some sketch cards I have seen (even though this is letter-sized).

  3. Dragon Quest II: Prince of Lauresia.

    Recent Dragon Quest Monsters games have been using the “size” system, where some monsters have been made “giant”. The big slug, a very weak monster from Dragon Quest II, is one of those new giant monsters. I can only imagine how much different the adventure would be for the hero if they had always been that big.

  4. Marvel Comics: New Mutants, X-Terminators and Ship (and the Submariner).

    When I first thought about drawing this, I did not realize the timing matched the World Cup in Brazil. But then, when it was already inked and scanned, and it was waiting in the to-be-colored queue, I thought I should finish this next. And here is the result.

  5. Marvel Comics: Power Pack.

    Power Pack are Destroyer (Alex Power), Molecula, Mistress of Density (Julie Power), Counterweight (Jack Power), Starstreak (Katie Power) and Tattletale (Franklin Richards).

  6. Saving Chiquerolandya: Súper CTM.

    Este fin de semana fui a ver varias obras de teatro. Una de ellas me pareció muy entretenida (además de tener muchas críticas al gobierno que ha estado pisoteándonos desde hace años). Esta obra se llama Saving Chiquerolandya.

    Aquí está una ilustración fan art de Súper CTM, un personaje de esta obra, que lucha por derrocar el gobierno corrupto. Espero que les guste y que se animen a verla los días jueves 19, viernes 20 y sábado 21 de junio de 2014 en el Oyster Club (andador J. Pani #113, en la Zona Centro de Aguascalientes).

  7. Disney’s High School Musical: Troy Bolton and coach Bolton.

    Troy Bolton and his dad, coach Jack Bolton.

    This was a last minute entry to the Spitfire Father’s Day contest at the Disney Club inside devianART.

  8. DC Comics: Inertia and Flash.

    The Flash’s is my favorite line of comics published by DC. “Impulse”, Bart Allen, is my favorite, but Barry Allen and Wally West are at the top, as well. As is Inertia (whose color palette I really like).