1. Dragon Quest IV: Krift.

    A very old pic.

    Dragon Quest IV has awesome character designs to go along with the different character backgrounds and personalities.

    Krift is a young priest of the kingdom of Saintheim. He is in love with the kingdom’s princess, Arena, but she only thinks about having adventures, so she never realizes he loves her.

  2. Lost: Ben Linus.

    Sterling Beaumon made Ben Linus even more interesting than he already was. Here was Ben as an “innocent” kid, instead of the manipulative older man we had watched for years.

    Except, he is not completely innocent. Being told repeatedly that he should not have been born and that he is to blame for the tragedy that fell on his family has made him desperate to escape the life he knows. He is willing to do the unthinkable, even as a boy.

  3. Dragon Quest VII: Orgo Demila and Hondara.

    Orgo Demila and Hondara are two of my favorite characters from Dragon Quest VII.

    In this old picture I had a problem that made it difficult to draw Orgo: I had no official reference for him (besides the small in-game sprite).

    Now there are better ways to get all the details needed to draw him, so expect a better looking picture of him soon.

  4. Dragon Quest II: Prince of Sumaltria.

    This is an old drawing of the Prince of Sumaltria I created for a contest at the Dragon’s Den. Only the two panels had been colored then, and it took me two years to color the rest of the poster (that is, the small monster around the logo).

  5. Marvel Comics: Jack Power.

    I drew this Jack Power pic using a marker (I was going for speed). Still, I liked the results. It kind of reminds me of some sketch cards I have seen (even though this is letter-sized).

  6. Dragon Quest II: Prince of Lauresia.

    Recent Dragon Quest Monsters games have been using the “size” system, where some monsters have been made “giant”. The big slug, a very weak monster from Dragon Quest II, is one of those new giant monsters. I can only imagine how much different the adventure would be for the hero if they had always been that big.

  7. Marvel Comics: New Mutants, X-Terminators and Ship (and the Submariner).

    When I first thought about drawing this, I did not realize the timing matched the World Cup in Brazil. But then, when it was already inked and scanned, and it was waiting in the to-be-colored queue, I thought I should finish this next. And here is the result.

  8. Marvel Comics: Power Pack.

    Power Pack are Destroyer (Alex Power), Molecula, Mistress of Density (Julie Power), Counterweight (Jack Power), Starstreak (Katie Power) and Tattletale (Franklin Richards).