1. Marvel Comics: Captain Marvel and Princess Anelle.

    It has been years (or, at least, one year, I am not sure) since I have been wanting to draw an illustration about the Kree-Skrull War. And I got some heavy inspiration from the Romeo + Juliet movie (this one is not the only picture that movie has made me want to draw).

    I wished to draw some Kree soldier uniforms (which already existed when Mar-Vell debuted in the comics, perhaps even before then), but, for some reason, they were not used in this story arc (artists, editors, share the blame). The Kree all wore a boring yellow piece, without helmets. And although almost all Kree were pink-skinned (even Ronan the Accuser, in a couple of issues), I wanted to feature a few blue-skinned ones, too.

    I had some trouble with the guy at the top of the Romeo side of the poster. He was too small to really use as a reference for a soldier. But suddenly I got an idea. Instead of a soldier, I could use the Kree Sentry. Then I thought about also using a Skrull cow in the other side, to balance things out.

    I would have liked to include the Supreme Intelligence and the Skrull Emperor on the pic, but the parents of Romeo and Juliet were not included in the original poster, so there was no room for them…

    I hope you like this homage to both one of the best stories from Marvel Comics and a beautiful (and fun) movie.

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